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After a long day of musky fishing and being skunked we thought we’d switch things up a bit.

The next day we woke up before sunrise and headed to a nearby ski town up in the Poconos in search of a class A mountain stream. Where I live the best stream I have is full of ugly stocked trout and only open for trout from April 2nd to when the summer gets too warm so any chance I have at some natives is a treat.

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After a 2.5-mile hike/climb up a mountain we could see for miles which included a ski resort. This trickle of water was completely hidden up on this mountain which made it barely pressured and we had the whole day to ourselves which was a pleasure.

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Two words to describe fishing this creek would be technical and tactical. At one point I was laid out on the ground leaning over a little hole with my leader in the guides and having about 18 inches of leader and fly in the water – trying to avoid all the laurel bushes. It was a challenge to say the least. Then, when I’d feel a hit and set the hook, if the fish missed the fly the whole rig would be in the bushes branches above the hole.

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These little mountain natives had an appetite like no other. The bugger I was using was pretty big for the size of this creek. The key when I tied these was putting a stinger hook in the tail which lead to less missed fish. This stream has very little minnow life but for the most part these fish would hit these buggers like it was there last meal. These little fish would jet out from under their rocks and smash the bugger with such predatory action and their colors and fins were gorgeous which made all the extra work worth it. After hiking all day and a lot of bushwhacking we put many miles on our wading boots and had a great time fishing to these little guys!

By Connor Brown AKA @S.A.G.E1

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