Welcome to the Brotherhood

Now that the website seems to be chugging along pretty well and I am getting good feedback from some of you (which is greatly appreciated), I’d like to take the chance to introduce some of the main contributors to this site and welcome everyone to what I hope is to become a streamer brotherhood. This list is not in any sort of order, just as they come to mind.


First one up is Kelly Galloup. I mean come on? This dude has designed some of the sickest trout streamers I’ve ever fished for pike. He was really on the forefront on this whole streamer stripping lifestyle. His videos were some of the first to really get me fired up to do what I do. I’m really honored to have him on board with this. Kelly operates a resort out in Montana and has some incredible fishing opportunities available. Check him out www.slideinn.com



Next up is a good friend of mine, Rick Kustich. For those of you that don’t know of Rick, here is a little background. Rick is from the Buffalo, NY area and is probably one of the most versatile streamer fisherman I’ve ever fished with. He can go from swinging traditional spey flies on the west coast to casting at bonefish on the flats then come back to the Niagara and cast 12″ flies 100ft and fish 20ft of water without batting an eye. This dude gets so stoked every time he goes out fishing and it truly inspires me. I just fish better when I fish with him. I caught my first muskie with him and to tell you the truth, I probably wouldn’t have gotten as in to muskies as I have without his input. He has written multiple books and magazine articles. I’m very excited to see what he has to offer. Check him out at rickkustich.com



Brad-BohenMr. Musky slime himself, Brad Bohen, is on board. This dude fishes a shit-load and catches the hell out of some esox. There is something to say about consistency and Brad definitely puts it down pretty regularly. I got the chance to fish with him for a couple days this past year in my neck of the woods and this guy lives the streamer lifestyle. He really understands the predatory aspect of streamer fishing. He is most certainly going to add some streamer swagger to this place. Check out what brads doing at muskycountryoutfitters.com



Pat Cohen has been on board ever since I asked him what he thought about the idea to start this place. Pat is the Chuck Norris of the streamer fly tying scene. His flies catch fish. Period. He is always on some next-level shit and the way he approaches fly design and fly tying really motivates me. He ties flies that I never get sick of fishing. I stopped tying flies after I fished his. He is going to contribute some really awesome shit throughout the year and we have some special big trout video plans brewing for this spring. Stay tuned for that. To get Pat’s flies and fly tying products visit him at rusuperfly.com.

Don’t forget, we are always accepting member submissions as well. Have an anecdote? Sordid account?? Send us an email, maybe we will feature your writing.

We have a lot of stuff coming up in the next few months so keep an eye out, Welcome to the group, we’re glad to have you.


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