Streamer Day Six Pack


So last week Chad got things going with a great streamer session “sixer” and it only seems appropriate that we keep the brews flowing. A few things about myself before we head out for a day of wading and throwing streamers to wild browns: with all things in life I prefer quality over quantity, I love hops, and my first choice would always be the green choice. I’m talking about the trout whistle. With that being said, lets hit the water.


We’ll start the morning off with a familiar flavor and we’ll pass it around to the crew. The usual suspects range from my good friend and guide KB to my brother Jon to any number of the Oak Orchard Fly shop rats. If you happen to live in Western New York, Southern Tier IPA is as common as Sierra Nevada. You can find it on the shelves at half a dozen places within a quarter mile from my house and it definitely rivals in quality, though it is a touch drier and hoppier than Sierra. At 7.3% abv we have a nice start to the day… good thing we’re sharing all of these beers.


Next, Six point Brewery’s Global Warmer is a great Imperial Red Ale that will hit the spot. It’s a complex winter brew with plenty of citrus, hop, and malt. It’s a 7%’er which might be the lightest beer in the pack today. I’ll also add that any beer made by Sixpoint is gonna be top-notch and I think you’ll find that they go down easy.


We’ll kick up the hops with a Hop Nosh IPA from Uinta Brewing for the next. At 7.3% abv this one is still drinkable though you have to be careful because it tastes so good that it’s easy to hurt yourself if there are too many off them within arm’s reach.


Keeping the progression going the next beer will smack you across the face with a 10% abv. Dogfish Head is a ballsy brewing company that loves to take big risks. Some of their creations are over the top but every one has complex and changing flavors. Burton Baton is a combination of two separate brews, a batch of Imperial IPA is mixed with a batch of English-style old ale and in turn you can barely taste the intoxication..


I’m getting a bit stumbly at the moment so we’ll sit down for the next heavy hitter. Great Divide brewing company’s Espresso Oak aged Imperial Yeti Stout. The name is a lot to say at this point, but it’s only a 9.5% abv so we’re good, plus it’s like a chocolate dessert and a coffee all in one. Take your time with this one because like most stouts it keeps getting better as it warms up.


Well all great days have to come to an end and so we can tip back the last brew in celebration of another day spent on the water. From last weeks response I think we can all agree on Bell’s Two Hearted Ale to finish off this streamer session. Lets keep the party rolling and hear some more suggestions from the bar.



By Joe Janiak

Thanks for the submission Joe! Check Joe out on Facebook at Ramble Photography or on Instagram at @blindjoeyramble.


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