Muskie Hunt


We began our hunt Friday evening (after catching a few trout at the local stream).

We started by gearing up our duck boat with flies, food, extra clothes (which was smart) before heading to bed. The next morning, 6:45 am, I awoke to the pleasant smell of my mom cooking breakfast. After filling up on pancakes we loaded the boat on the trailer and headed out to pick up my friend Thomas. Get there, load his gear up. My dad in the driver seat, we begin our journey up to the Lake.  After about a 45 minute drive we pull in to the park and launch our 14 foot Jon boat. With one pull on the cord and the 9.9 Yamaha fires right up. While we let her warm up, we put the rods and the mega net in the boat then loaded ourselves in and took off. My dad waving, “good luck”, heading back home to pick us up later that evening.




We gun it to the south part of the lake were there are weeds and shallow water and start to fish. After a while of not catching, moving, or even seeing a fish we ventured out of that area. Moving spot to spot until the sun starting going out. With Thomas laying on the deck eating his snack I say “you’ll never catch a muskie with your fly not in the water” but he stayed in his comfy position on the deck while I kept at it. With my one foot on the trolling Motor keeping myself in position and casting. I was losing hope FAST. I just kept telling myself “keep casting, keep casting…It could happen”.

It was about 6:25 pm now and I had to take a crap so I motored over to the bank and Thomas took over. While I was doing my business up against an oak I hear, “I’M ON” I’M ON”. Thinking to myself, “Wow, Thomas is just pulling my chain”.  That is, until I hear a huge splash. “HOLY SH*T he’s on”. I start hauling ass though to woods with my pants half on! I get parallel to the boat and yell “Thomas, come get me so I can film it!” “No I can’t, he just hooked”. I had to get out there! Running waist deep in water to climb aboard was well worth it. I climbed up and grabbed the camera and started filming. The fish took 3 or 4 huge tail whacks, explosives run and we both were shaking. We wanted this fish SO bad and with one hand on the camera and the other with the net I dipped it and scooped him up.  Got ‘em. I keep him in the net in the water for the safety of the fish and we started to yell and cheer! With some words my mother would not approve of. We were so excited to land this beautiful beast! We then headed him out of the water for a few quick pictures and to gaze our eyes on Thomas’ first muskie. We released him and I changed clothes because I was SOAKED and we were back at it! It was an exciting moment but also a punch in the face on my end. Me having casted for 8 hours straight, eating my lunch and dinner while casting and Thomas, having only fished for maybe 3 hours or so (having tons of snack breaks) catches the fish. That, I guess, it part of the game though.




The sun set fast that afternoon and my dad came to pick us up but we hadn’t had enough.

The next morning we journeyed up to an electric motor only lake which was rumored to have tons of muskies in it. We fished for a long while without seeing crap. Then I got my fly stuck about 30 feet up in a tree so I had to climb all the way up to get my fly back. While I’m up there I look down and here’s this 34ish inch muskie that comes swimming right by the boat! Thomas casted at him but not even a look. Not long after I got my fly out of the tree I was casting and on the figure 8, out of nowhere, a mid-forties muskie is behind my fly and is following it but refused it at the last second. This left me shaking and crushed! I worked that lake the rest of the day HARD, cast after cast, thinking “this cast will be the one” but it never happened. We ended that day with that one follow and seeming 3 others. With a sore shoulder and an image of that beast coming at my fly burned into my mind after this weekend, I’m having trouble trying not to think about him in school. There’s always next weekend!


Submission by hiptothestriper Connor Brown, Connor is 15 years old,  has been fly fishing since he was 10, and just recently started targeting muskies. Keep it up Connor!

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